Tree Work

First and foremost all our arborist staff are properly certified, tested and insured, on the occasion that a tree is beyond us (it does happen and we would rather get help than cause damage through silly pride) we bring in a specialist contractor, there are a couple we work with and can manage to fell or remove anything!


Crown reduction is taking a healthy tree and making it smaller and giving it some shape, we can lift the crown to make a tree more shapely, we can remove a dangerous branch, or we can tidy the mess left when a tree falls. We would always advise a maintenance program to keep your trees safe, we cant do anything against storm damage however a well kept tree is much less likely to suffer damage in the wind.

We specialise in Leylandii reduction and removal, this fast growing tree makes a great hedge as long as you look after it, so many leylandii hedges in this country have been left to grow, problem is its extremely invasive grows very wide and once its there the only answer is removal. depending on the height shape sometimes we can safely reduce the height, were happy to come and have a look for you, give you our expert opinion.

Another speciality is the eradication of roddendrum, usually we follow a program of hand cutting any stem with a diameter greater than 2cm we then paint the stem with a glyphosate killer containing dye so we can track progress. the cutting are then either chipped or burnt depending on the clients requirements. this method has proven to be around 90% successful, in further years foliage spraying may be necessary.

What happens to the stumps? you have some choices, we can cut as low as is safe or turn it in to a seat or do something else imaginative or we can bring in a specialist stump grinder, this is a large tracked machine and although its reasonably expensive it will take out any size of stump to about 30cm to 50cm below ground level.

We are regularly asked what happens to the wood, we can log it for you to burn or take it away, green waste and smaller branches get chipped and these Chippings can either be used as a mulch on site or can be taken away.

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