Kids Play Areas

We love building kids ares, gives us a chance to let the imagination run a bit! designing and building all the things we would have loved when we were kids. We will try and build the area with potential to change as your child grows up, adjustable swings, climbing spacing to suit, all roofs high enough to future proof the area. These are all wee things we can do to extend the usable time of the equipment, usually kids grow out of play equipment before it breaks!


We can tailor make the area / equipment to suit the space you have, making use of holes, hills trees, whatever you have, The structure is only limited by imagination a pirate boat, train, fire engine or a cabin anything goes and all are possible.

Some equipment like the chute or the swing hard wear we buy in and can offer a range of colours, styles and quality always something to suit every budget.

You could add a trampoline, i hate to see trampolines in gardens they look huge, kill the grass and restrict your view, we can get around most of these problems by setting the trampoline in the ground, we dig a hole add some drainage and finish the rest of the garden area to the trampoline edge / height, it will almost become invisible and will be safer as there will be no edge to fall off.

For the surface in your play area, some options could be paved or decked we could use play bark or we could lay rubber play surface, its great made from coloured recycled rubber shreds mixed with a glue can be laid in shapes or letters anything possible, gives the added benefit of coming with a bounce grade meaning its approved for falling on.

To discuss your ideas or let us describe some of ours, please get in touch.

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