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From water features to tree houses we can deliver the features you desire to transform your garden. Whether it's raised beds or a fire pit for entertaining and comfort we can provide and advise on the correct solution to fit your budget.

Pools and Ponds We have experience in building pools and ponds, using both fixed rigid liners and Butyl membrane. We don’t have a preference - each does a different job and there is a place for both.

Pergolas, Pagodas, Arches, Tables and Benches All of these can be built from scratch to your exact requirements. We can also help with building ready-made kits, or customizing them to meet your expectations.

Balconies Built from galvanized steel and finished in 28 mm deck board, our balconies become outdoor rooms. Although more expensive than building in wood, our balconies will outlast a wooden structure. We are happy to discuss balcony requirements. Planning permission may be required.

Smoking Shelters The biggest shelter we have built will take 20 people. These shelters have to be 50% open to comply with regulations and we build them with a solid roof and plenty of weather protection.

Potting Shed These are built as 3m by 2m, with 3 sloping windows and lots of work space and can be finished in a variety of materials, with a choice of floors.

Tree houses These were traditionally built in a tree from any old pallets you might find. We have taken this to a new level creating an outdoor play room that will make your child the envy of every child in the street. You don’t even need a tree as we can build on posts.

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