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Owned by Richard Cree, Landscaping Scotland is based in Beith, which gives us great access to work in a huge area, We have in place the infrastructure to complete any job in Scotland or the North of England.

We don't just want your money, we want to create a relationship with you. From your first call asking for a quote until the job is complete, we will give you 100% commitment and we will work closely with you in order to ensure that the finished work fully exceeds your expectations. If we can't make it for any reason (usually bad weather), we will call you, so you will always know what's happening.

At Landscaping Scotland have strong beliefs about the environment, most of our staff our outdoors people with a love of all things outdoors, protecting where we play is really important to us

Where possibe we will try and recyclye your rubbish old driveways always have a use elsewhere!, waste wood can go to various sources some chip it up and some places use it for heat! plant debris can be composted. if we really have to skip we use a locall company who in turn dump at a recycling centre where as little as possible enters landfill. All the wooden products we use are harvested from sustainable forests usually in Scotland, to keep carbon costs to a minimum.

We will endevour to start within the timescale supplied, sometimes this isnt possible due to weather constraints or other customers, very often extras get added these are great however most have a time penalty to us. work will usually be completed within the specified timescale, unless of course the weather plays a part or we come across unforceen problems.

if we can we will! we dont mind working in the rain, however sometimes its just not possible, if its dangerous or tools are going to get damaged its just not worth it! We will leave the "site" as clean and tidy as we can each day, brushing pavements maybee giving you a clean path to and from your door, we aim to make things as easy as possible for you.

All our staff are well presented, polite, trained and insured. All are approachable and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or guide you towards the site foreman who can help with your enquiry.


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